tony thorne

Tony Thorne

Managing Director
Tony Thorne first visited Guyana in 1988 as a Project Leader with Operation Raleigh and loved the adventure and rawness of the country. He returned in 1991 to watch the West Indians and Australians battle out a test match at Bourda Cricket Ground and decided to stay and accept a position to manage Timberhead Rainforest Resort. In 1994, when he started Wilderness Explorers, tourism was still largely undeveloped and the company took on the challenge of marketing Guyana internationally.

Tony was the first President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana in 1991 and served for numerous years on the board in various positions including Vice President. Over the years he has travelled extensively throughout Guyana and also the neighbouring countries to find suitable properties, locations and communities to work with in developing tourism to the region. Even after all these years he still marvels at the majesty of Kaieteur Falls and its pristine environment and enjoys great satisfaction in working with local communities developing their tourism products.