The Caribbean

WP Let's be honest: cheap tours to the Caribbean are a dime a dozen. True, the images of empty beaches and rustic huts gloriously perched on wooden piers 200 meters away from the shoreline are hard to resist. But we know that 50 euros per day is more likely to get you a sterile cube in a behemoth resort with concomitant opportunities to acquaint yourself with 10 or 20 thousand largely disrobed and perpetually imbibed fellow countrymen on a crowded, noisy, artificially-refreshed beach littered with discarded beer cups and human dignity.

Suffice it to say, we take a thoroughly different approach to visiting the Caribbean. No, we don't sell the lowest price generic tours to the beaches and coves every second-rate celebrity and unruly holiday-maker has heard of. We don't throw you on a cruise ship designed to broaden your waistline more than your horizons. Rather, we've taken the time to stumble our way into a few corners of the islands that haven't yet been steamrolled by commodity tourism and plastic sensibilities.

Our first love is St. Lucia on the windward side of the Lesser Antilles. Its mountainous terrain and low-key towns don't make for glitzy brochure photos but rarely fail to enchant those who stroll the avenues of Gros Islet, Soufrière and Vieux Fort. Hike, birdwatch, scuba dive, lounge under a palm tree… St Lucia is the kind of place you actually do come back to time and again.

We're also partial to the forests and beaches of Tobago where the Caribbean and Atlantic currents - cultural and maritime - create an intoxicating mix found nowhere else. And, speaking of intoxicating, our version of the birthplace of rum - Barbados - features homestyle accommodation and relaxed service.

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The Caribbean

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