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Dominica offers a diverse collection of hotels, rainforest eco-lodges, and community tourism options

You’ll enjoy memorable accommodation choices in Dominica, ranging from 5-star hotels and resorts to village home-stay options

Dominica caters to a small international audience attuned more to nature and outdoor experiences rather than all-inclusive resort packages, so most lodges here are – accordingly – small, personal, and extremely hospitable. For such a small island, Dominica does offer a good range of options from economical to splashy.

Where you stay depends largely on the activities you have in mind for your visit. Divers and water sports enthusiasts may want to stay in or near Roseau to minimize the need to drive to dive boats. Lodges in the Roseau valley about a half hour above town are more tranquil but maintain proximity to Roseau’s conveniences. Those looking for seclusion and tranquility will want to cast their gaze along the rugged but absolutely splendid eastern and northeastern coastline where Dominica hides a handful of excellent beaches, cozy waterfront towns, and countless hiking opportunities.

Community tourism in Dominica

Dominica is a vibrant tapestry of European and African cultures, along with the Caribbean’s only remaining population of pre-Columbian Carib Indians. Properly known as the Kalinago, Dominica’s 2200 indigenous people inhabit 3,700 acres on the eastern coast of the island known as the Carib Territory. Modern visitors should divest themselves of any delusion of finding a primitive people living in grass skirts and practicing ancient rituals. At first glance, there is little to differentiate the Kalinago from the rest of Dominica’s friendly population. Take some time to speak with a member of the Kalinago community, however, and you’ll soon begin to understand what makes this a special community apart. Leaders here are making a concerted effort to preserve and revive Carib musical, dance, and art traditions while seeking ways to bring sustainable economic growth to their people. Your visit to the Kalinago cultural center contributes to a quiet but important effort to prevent the Carib heritage from going extinct forever.

If you are interested in an immersive homestay experience, Wilderness Explorers has made special arrangements through the Ministry of Tourism to grant access to a limited number of guests wishing to spend a few nights in the home of a Kalinago host. You’ll be treated as a friend of the family and be offered the chance to learn about the daily experiences of a people who live close to the land – and one another. This special and extremely rare experience is not for everyone, but our trip planners can help you decide if this would be a good component of your visit to Dominica

Experience authentic Kalinago culture first-hand during a homestay visit with a local family.

Dominica’s long list of lodging choices range from luxurious to simple, but always warm & personal.

Local hospitality somehow manages to live up to the island’s daytime offerings.

Featured Lodges – Dominica

Anchorage, Dominica
Anchorage Hotel
Convenient Roseau waterfront hotel, perfect for divers.

Beau Rive, Dominica
Beau Rive
Rustic charm, class, and personal hospitality.

Calibishie, Dominica
Calibishie Cove
Perfectly secluded getaway with breezy elegance.

Castle Comfort, Dominica
Castle Comfort
Roseau waterfront location for the scuba set.

Evergreen Hotel, Dominica
Evergreen Hotel
Unmatched local hospitality and dining near Roseau.

Fort Young Hotel, Dominica
Fort Young Hotel
Full service international class hotel in Roseau.

Garraway Hotel, Dominica
Garraway Hotel
Good value & great views of Roseau waterfront.

Jungle Bay
Stunning architecture, amazing views, top tier service.

Pagua Bay
Warm and welcoming jungle-chic oceanfront lodge.

Papillote Retreat
Casual comfort neslted in the rainforest.

Rosalie Bay
Green credentials, white tablecloths, black sand beach.

Secret Bay
Luxurious cabins perched on a secluded coastline.

Sutton Place
Good value, warm vibe in central Roseau shopping district.

Tamarind Tree
Friendly and intimate sea-facing property on west coast.

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