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Guyana Day Trips

Minimum # of participants

Kaieteur day trips require a minimum number of people to operate. If we are unable to book a full group, we may combine your party with one from another tour company to fill the plane. In the event minimums are still not met, the trip may be cancelled with little advance notice. We understand this is a tremendous disappointment and inconvenience and ask for your understanding about the cost and logistical realities of these trips. Consider chartering your own plane!

Charter options

To guarantee a departure, you can charter your own aircraft for a Kaieteur visit. Not only does this ensure you will depart as planned, you can spend as much time on the ground at Kaieteur as you want. Chartering can be especially convenient and cost-effective if you are flying into – or out of – the interior regions: a chartered flight replaces the cost of a scheduled flight plus an extra night’s accommodation in Georgetown.

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