False Vampire Bat
Panthera Vampyrum spectrum
This species is the largest bat (Chiroptera) in the New World and the largest carnivorous bat in the world, having a wingspan of 80 centimeters (almost 3 feet) and a body length 13-14 cm (about 5 inches).

Some alternate names for this species are the False Vampire Bat, Linnaeus’s False Vampire Bat and the Spectral Vampire Bat. Confusingly, they are not related to the Old World family of large carnivorous bats that are also called false vampires.

The fur on the upper parts of the bat is normally dark brown, chestnut brown or rust-orange and quite short. The ears are very long and rounded. There is no discernible tail. The large feet are robust, with long curved claws. The muzzle is long and narrow, and the teeth are strong. The noseleaf is medium-sized and lance-shaped, resembling a horseshoe and spear with a continuous rim forming a hollow cup around the nostrils.

A formidable aerial night hunter, this large predatory species takes a huge range of relatively large vertebrate prey including amphibians, reptiles, small birds and small mammals (including other species of bats) in addition to insects such as large crickets and cicadas.

Best Viewing Opportunities: Dadanawa Ranch, Karanambu, the Rupununi savannahs near Annai (Rock View Lodge).