Giant River Otter
Pteronura brasiliensis
Guyana’s Giant River Otter is the largest of the world’s 13 otter species (although sea otters may weigh more). Giant otter males attain an overall length of 1.5 to 1.8m and a weight of between 26 and 32 kg. The otter’s throat and chest are usually marked with irregular cream-coloured patches or spots which help to identify individuals. Long and numerous facial whiskers protrude from the muzzle, forehead and temples and are believed to be highly sensitive in order to facilitate prey location in turbid waters.

Historically giant otters ranged throughout the tropical lowland rain forests and wetlands of South America but is considered extinct in Argentina and Uruguay. The giant river otter is an IUCN red-listed species and is considered endangered. Accelerating habitat destruction and degradation, poaching, and unmanaged tourism are ongoing threats to this vulnearble species.

Best Viewing Opportunities: Rupununi River near Karanambu, Yupukari (Caiman House), Carahha Landing on the Borro Borro river near Surama, and the Rupununi and Rewa Rivers near Rewa Village.