Travels with Women in Guyana Tour

Explore Guyana, discovering many of its cultural, wildlife, scenic and community highlights in the company of a group of like-minded women travellers.


This scheduled group tour has been designed for like-minded women travellers to travel together throughout Guyana, escorted by our very own local female guide, Shebana Daniels,  to visit some of the country’s cultural and wildlife highlights and meet some of the strong female personalities in the country today. Starting in Georgetown, we go on a culinary journey with Chef Delven Adams who will join us for a street-food breakfast, before taking us to visit the Guyana Store and market to choose ingredients for a delicious lunch with him at his eclectic Backyard Café, made famous by Gordon Ramsay in his Uncharted programme to Guyana. Other highlights in the capital include a city tour to a boutique jewellery store to browse stunning designs of Guyanese myths, wildlife and scenery, the unique chance to handfeed manatees in the city’s National Park and a welcome dinner and drinks with some local female speakers who will share insights into modern day life in Guyana.


Shebana Daniels –  Our Tour Leader

We then fly to the south of the country, stopping for a cooking demonstration and farm-to-table lunch with a female ranch-owner, before continuing to Karanambu Ranch. This is the former home of the late Diane McTurk, one of the great female pioneers of tourism and conservation in Guyana whose legacy still lives on today. Here we will have amazing wildlife experiences, going out on the river in search of giant river otters and sipping rum punch at dusk in the oxbow lakes as we watch the giant waterlilies open and nature explode around us. Also, we have the chance to see giant anteater before breakfast, go on wildlife trails and spend time with the local guides, talking about conservation and life on a ranch in the vast Rupununi savannahs.


On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we journey by river and road to the award-winning community at Surama, stopping on the way for refreshments at a local roadside inn and visiting a local women’s peanut butter co-operative as well as a local Amerindian community centre. In Surama you will experience Guyana through the eyes of a local, learning local cooking and handicraft skills as well as going out on the river in search of birds, monkeys and other wildlife. Here you will enjoy a cultural presentation given by some of the villagers on the life of the Macushi and have time to talk to some of the key women of the village. Travel deeper into the rainforest, stopping to look for the bright orange cock-of-the-rock bird, to Atta Rainforest Lodge, close to the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway which offers unrivalled views of the forest. Set in a clearing and home to many wonderful animals and birds including hummingbirds that come to the gardens, Atta Rainforest Lodge has charming rooms, ensuite garden showers, wildlife trails and offers the ultimate immersive Guyanese rainforest experience.


The last lodge on our women-only tour in the heart of Guyana is Iwokrama Lodge, where we will go on boat-trips, walk trails and hear about the important conservation work done here from local female guides and conservationists. We will then board a flight to Kaieteur Falls, Guyana’s jewel in the crown, and enjoy the amazing views and scenery of this unknown waterfall, five times the height of Niagara Falls. We will reboard the plane to Georgetown for local drinks and snacks and discussion at the home of a local female conservationist and aviation pioneer before our farewell dinner and departure the next day.











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