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Nobody handles more scouts, film crews, reporters, production teams, and photojournalists in Guyana than Wilderness Explorers.

In fact, we offer unrivaled experience clearing and managing foreign media teams working across all three Guianas.

Our portfolio of services ranges from the purely practical – location planning, logistics, materiel management, transport, supplies, and staffing – to the more complex challenges of securing governmental permits and approvals, arranging high-level interviews, chartering aircraft and vehicles, and discretely managing delicate relationships with indigenous communities who may be unfamiliar with western media practices and norms.

Production Portfolio

Jeff Corwyn Experience

Jeff Corwin explores the Guyana Shield, the dense rainforest that thousands of “giants” call home in Guyana. He discovers the largest toad found in South America, the largest freshwater turtle and the largest creature equipped with a giant tongue. Jeff partnered with Animal Planet and Popular Arts Entertainment to launch a new wildlife adventure series titled The Jeff Corwin Experience. Jeff and his team visited Guyana in 2001 to film a documentary.

Legends of the Lost World

Rising from the mists of the jungle, Wild Chronicles joins researchers to scale a giant tepui in Guyana, South America. Flat-topped mountains with sheer sides rising over 8000 feet into the clouds, tepuis are like prehistoric islands in the sky, populated by plants and animals found nowhere else. Don’t look down as this story is a real cliff hanger. Wilderness Explorers/Guyana was elated when National Geographic choose Guyana as their next destination to film a documentary.

BBC Planet Earth

The BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) is a department of the BBC which produces television, radio and online content with a natural history or wildlife theme. It is best known for its highly regarded nature documentaries, including The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, and has a long association with David Attenborough’s authored documentaries, notably Life on Earth. Guyana was again placed on the film/documentary market.

World’s Toughest Tribes

Ricochet, a television company in the UK, was commissioned to produce ‘The World’s Toughest Tribes’, a major six-part series for the Discovery network. The series features some modern day ‘tribes’ – the people who perform some of the toughest jobs in the world. It did take a look at some of the world’s traditional industries – logging, mining, deep-sea fishing, ranching – and explore the work that goes on behind the scenes. The documentary was filmed in 2006

River Giants

The concept for this new wildlife series was bold. Mark O’Shea, a herpetologist with extensive field experience, sets out to follow a series of quests – including finding the secretive, highly venomous and extremely endangered Atlantic coastal bushmaster, the threatened American crocodile, and the alligator snapping turtle, the largest freshwater turtle in the Americas. It wasn’t only the creatures that were risky. So was the concept…

Wild Within

Zero-Point-Zero is an Emmy-award winning documentary New York production company on contract with Travel Channel to film an eight-destination series called The Wild Within with host Steven Rinella. Steven and his crew travelled deep into the heart of Guyana, camping along the Rewa River with Amerindian guides. The nature of the documentary and large production unit required complex logistics and permitting which was handled entirely by Wilderness Explorers.

River Monsters

Icon Films is an award-winning UK television production company with a reputation for originality, excellence, and entertainment across the breadth of factual genres including science, history, exploration and natural history. Icon was commissioned by Animal Planet to produce a two hour documentary pilot which was filmed in Guyana in February / March 2011. The pilot was bought by Animal Planet which led to the highly successful River Monsters documentary series hosted by Jeremy Wade. Wade returned for a dramatic second visit in 2013.

Deadly Pole to Pole

The ‘Deadly’ brand is a very popular children’s wildlife educational series in Britain and around the world, which has been running for over five years. The new series called ‘Deadly Pole to Pole’ in which our presenter, Steve Backshall, circumnavigates the planet, from the frozen north to the far south, visiting every continent to track down the world’s greatest predators. We were commissioned by BBC Bristol to produce the educational series which was filmed in Guyana in October – November 2013.

Big Earth – Tales of Travel

Tales of Travel was produced by BigEarth Productions and follows best selling Saudi author Abdullah Al Jumah as he backpacks through South America. Abdullah’s incredible journey of discovery will see him trekking through dense jungle to reach the world’s tallest waterfall in Venezuela, surviving the night in Guyana’s deepest, darkest rainforest, encountering some of the continent’s most dangerous and unusual wild creatures, hanging out with the locals and even spending some time in uniform!

Factual History: Slave Owners

BBC’s Factual History series Britain’s Secret Slave Owners explores that country’s historical relationship with slavery. Based on extensive government records, the program reveals how slave-ownership was not just the preserve of a privileged few but was deeply ingrained in British culture, cutting across class, race and gender. The crew visited plantations formerly owned by British slave-owners, the national archives which hold crucial documents that reveal the nature of slavery in Guyana; and key sites in Demerara.

Monster Fish

Infocus Asia Pte Ltd (IFA) is a multi award-winning media company offering content and services to the international broadcast industry from 4 offices across Asia. IFA provides research, editorial and production services and produces high rating content for a global audience. IFA was commissioned by National Geographic to produce Season Six of the highly successful Monster Fish series, including an episode filmed in Guyana.

Steve Backshall Adventure

Wild life expert Steve Backshall seeks out the world’s most fierce animals as he heads off on six epic adventures to Guyana, Mexico, Namibia, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa. Along the way he encounters Australia’s largest venomous snake, the Coastal Taipan, gets perilously close to the largest carnivorous reptile in South America, the giant Black Caiman and attempts to track down the endangered Giant River Otter.

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