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Electricity – Notes for Travellers

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Guyana – Electricity

electricity facts
Electrical sockets (“points”) in Guyana usually supply electricity at 120 volts AC. Most outlets are shaped like North American outlets like this:

However you may encounter the odd European round, two-prong outlets in some places. Some hotels offer both types of outlet on the same wall for your delight and confusion.

Hotels in Georgetown supply a steady stream of electricity for guests, even during regular/frequent power cuts throughout the city. Don’t be surprised to hear large generators kicking in at all times, accompanied by a brief flicker in the lights (along with a chorus of hollers and groans in the surrounding neighborhood).

Lodges in Guyana’s interior are powered by small arrays of solar panels or petrol generators. Most lodges only supply electricity for a few hours per day (availability of the internet often corresponds to these hours) so be sure you have your battery chargers ready.

Bring an extension cord with multiple outlets at the end to make the most of the limited supply of ‘points’ available at the lodges. At the same time, be considerate of the limited resource and take only your share.