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Food – Notes for Travellers

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Guyana – Cuisine

While Guyanese fare is unlikely to grace the cover of Bon Apetit any time soon, you can look forward to some hearty, interesting, delicious home-style meals during your visit. Dinner under the mango tree at Rock View Lodge at sunset, with a cool breeze carrying the tantalizing aromas emanating from the kitchen, will get you in the mood for that evening’s fresh fish – possibly red or black piranha – served alongside locally-grown vegetables and fruits.

Watch out for a ubiquitous and deceptively-cute cherry tomato which turns out to be one of the world’s hottest chili peppers! The Guyanese love their hot sauce, and no host’s table is complete without a jar of his or her own special variation.

Cassava appears in various forms, from chewy flat bread to a couscous-like side dish called faro to tooth-breaking dry crumble known as farine, and rich gravy called casrip. An eclectic mix of Indian-stylechana (chickpeas) and curry sauces, influenced by the significant Hindu population in the coastal region, appear with regularity, as do foods heralding from the traditions of Guyana’s African and Amerindian heritage: plantains, potatoes, okra, leafy greens, and rice.

Passionfruit and freshly-squeezed lime is commonly served as juice at breakfast and as a mixer for rum at just about any other time of day. You may be surprised by other juices, such a carambola or coconut water.

Chapter-2-5Locals fondly call fried bread rolls “bakes” and spread them with locally produced peanut butter, honey, or jam. A popular option is to stuff some shredded salty fish into the bake.

The lodges on our itinerary operate hygienic kitchens and food preparation practices are tailored to the concerns of tourists. That means you can eat just about anything offered to you with peace of mind. Your hosts and guides will be more than happy to confirm the use of safe water and other food safety techniques if you inquire.

Vegetarians will certainly not go hungry, and with sufficient advance notice most other dietary needs can be accommodated. Do keep in mind that most lodges must order their supplies well in advance since many provisions must be trucked in from a great distance: special requests will be honored when possible, but advance notice is essential.

If you are a vegetarian or have other dietary needs, you must give our Operations Team advance notice of your needs. Be sure your preferences are noted on the Traveller Information Form.