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What to Expect – Notes For Travellers

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Guyana – What To Expect

Guyana remains an unknown destination for most people. Travel writer John Gimlette says, “You couldn’t invent a place like this… if it were a novel, it would be rejected as utterly improbable.” It is a nation at the earliest stages of developing a viable tourism industry, with infrastructure and expertise evolving steadily but inconsistently. To their credit, the Guyanese are pursuing sustainable and community-based approaches to tourism which means your experience will be genuine, authentic, and intimate. We think this goes to the heart of Guyana’s treasure: unspoiled nature, inquisitive locals, non-commoditized opportunities for adventure. This rawness is, however, delicate and somewhat unpredictable. As you travel through this fascinating territory, we must stress the importance of adopting a sensitive, responsible, and patient attitude. This is especially true for the first two days of your trip while your mind’s clock will be adjusting to the local rhythms.

Despite our best endeavors, local flight delays and rescheduling may occur at short notice. Vehicles may break down, fail to appear, or get stuck in a muddy rut. You might find yourself floating down the river on the one day every single giant river otter has gone a different direction. You might awake one morning to find a (harmless) fruit bat staring at you through your mosquito net. In all this, your positive frame of mind and sense of humor will help enormously!