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Venezuela tours are currently suspended. Contact our office if you need further information.

Venezuela – Wildly Unexplored

A pariah state in some eyes – an untapped gem of culture and nature in others. Venezuela is not an easy country to visit in many respects, but those who land on these shores can’t avoid the conclusion that this country has some of the most diverse offerings of any in Latin America.

With borders that encompass snowy Pico Bolivar in the west, steamy rivers and jungles in the east, the Medanos do Coro sand dunes in the center, miraculous Caribbean beaches and islands to the north, the endless gran sabana in the south, and charming colonial villages such as Maracaibo, Barquisimento, Mérida, San Cristobal, Valencia, and Maracay… there is not doubt that Venezuela is an explorer’s dream.

Wilderness Explorers specializes in land tours originating in Guyana to the famous Mt. Roraima on the Venezuela/Guyana border, one of dozens of Tepuis mountains that have become ecosystem islands hosting untold numbers of species still unknown to science. We also run custom tours to Angel Falls, Ciudad Guayana (not to be confused with sovereign Guyana or French Guiana, a.k.a. Guyane), and other points beyond.

Fly into Guyana, traverse across the country into Venezuela and complete your tour in modern Caracas. It’s a journey of a lifetime!

Our Venezuela itineraries custom built for every traveler – email us for more information.

Why Travel with Wilderness Explorers?

WELogo-for-Web-225x136For more than 20 years, we’ve been working at the crossroads of adventure travel and community tourism. Not from the sidelines or behind a desk, but on the ground. In the jungle. On the boats. Getting our feet dirty and seeing everything first-hand. Tourism isn’t our business – it’s our life. Our handcrafted itineraries prove it.

Our partners in the field aren’t just suppliers in the traditional sense: we are deeply involved with the development of the lodges, tours, training programs, and attractions that draw adventurous souls to this part of the world. Back in 1999 Wilderness Explorers was one of the first tour operators to embrace the now-fashionable idea of community tourism, partnering with the Amerindian Makushi village of Surama in Guyana to provide marketing and administrative support for that country’s first indigenously-operated ecolodge. These days we continue to work with lodges and regional consortiums with tourism development aspirations. Hand-in-hand we are building opportunities for economic growth that don’t rely on resource extraction or the mass-market.

We know that tour companies are increasingly looked upon as unnecessary middlemen in a world where the internet connects everyone with marvelous ease. And, no doubt, someone with ample time and patience could organize their journey independently. But we know that sometimes you want to spend less time researching and more time travelling. If that’s you, we can vastly simplify your trip planning, get you into the best (and often least-known) lodges, prioritize your activity list, and set you up for an unforgettable getaway. Having the time of your life once you get there? Well, that part is entirely up to you!