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Atta Rainforest Lodge

Deep within the Iwokrama Rainforest lies a remarkable rainforest lodge

Set at the foot of the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, Atta is the perfect base for terrestrial and canopy exploration!

The Iwokrama Canopy Walkway is a series of suspension bridges and decks of up to 30 metres in height and 154 metres in length, located in the Iwokrama Forest. It gives visitors a new view of the mid and upper canopy of the forest and allows wildlife to be relatively free from human intrusion.At the base of the canopy walkway is Atta Rainforest Lodge, resting amidst towering trees and grassy lawns. The lodge provides comfortable accommodation with 8 private rooms, three home-cooked meals per day, and ample opportunities to explore the surrounding rainforest by foot, canoe, or 4X4.

The forest around the walkway contains some important flora and fauna. Among these are endangered and protected species such as the jaguar, the bullet wood tree, greenheart and the waramadan (endemic in Guyana only to the Iwokrama Forest).

Meals are freshly prepared local delicacies of free range beef, chicken and fish. Vegetarian and special diets are catered for with notice. Guyanese cuisine may vary from what you are used to at home, so feel free to pop in the kitchen and see what and how we are preparing the meals.

Atta Rainforest Lodge is centrally located along the main Rupununi Road that crosses through the Iworkrama Rain Forest. Surama Village, Iwokrama River Lodge, and Rock View Lodge in Annai are all about an hour away by road.

Getting Here

Most visitors will drive from one of the nearby lodges such as Iwokrama River Lodge (90-100 minutes), Surama Eco-Lodge (45-60 minutes), or Rock View Lodge (75-90 minutes). Daily TransGuyana Airways flights from Georgetown land at Annai/Rock View Lodge, or sometimes at Surama’s new airstrip, with advance notice. Charter flights will land at Fair View airstrip near Iwokrama River Lodge. Minivan service from Georgetown and Lethem will drop visitors on the main north/south road at the end of a 1/2 mile path that brings you to Atta, but we require advance notice to meet arrivals at the main road. This is a hardy walk for fit visitors only.

url Day and night hikes along the trails in the surrounding forest offer some of Guyana’s most amazing opportunities to spot insects, reptiles, birds, and even the occasional jaguar

Bring a long lens and a keen sense of curiosity, and you’re bound to come home with a treasure trove of images that will make even your best-travelled friends jealous. Just be sure to bring some good moisture-proofing gear![/icon]

Guyana’s rainforests, savannahs, mountains, and coastlines boast well over 800 species of birds. The canopy walkway offers some incredible views not available from the forest floor, but frankly many visitors make amazing finds right from the lawn in front of the dining area. You can’t miss, no matter where you look

Be sure to visit the checklists page for identification guides for the scores of tree, plant, and flowering plant species found in this area. The pathway to the Canopy Walkway is well-labelled to help you get started identifying the many fascinating flora specimens that populate this part of the Iwokrama rain forest.

Prepare to rouse yourself at dark o’clock to get up to the canopy in time for dawn chorus. Its the ideal time to listen and watch as the forest canopy comes alive with the sounds of birds, howler monkeys, even the occasional reptile. Coffee and tea are always available to keep your eyelids propped open so you don’t miss a single thing

It’s always tempting to turn in early after dinner, but the most intrepid naturalists know that certain creatures call 8pm ‘rush hour’ and never miss an opportunity to quietly tromp at this hour. Bring good boots and a strong torch, and you are guaranteed to be rewarded with some amazing spottings

We’re located within convenient driving distance from Rock View Lodge, Surama Eco-Lodge, and Iwokrama River Lodge. But why not buy yourself an extra hours’ sleep (not to mention a little relaxation) and spend a night or two at the Atta Rainforest Lodge at the base of the Canopy Walkway. Food’s great, staff’s always in a good mood, and the views of the trees – and night sky – are impeccable. A great place to lose yourself

Convenient connections to nearby lodges as well as the airstrips at FairView and Annai put us in easy proximity to travelers on their way to other area lodges. Best wildlife viewing is always at dawn and dusk, but don’t let your schedule prevent you from stopping in at any other time of day. We’ve got great food and there’s always something stirring in the forest surrounding the lodge

School groups, civic organizations, family gatherings, anthropological explorers, and nature lovers of all stripes have reason to gather at Atta, whether it’s to make major strides on the tick-list or to explore the ancient Amerindian petroglyphs or pottery shards found in the nearby forest. Our backyard is your classroom.

  • Trip Advisor Review Atta Rainforest Lodge
    “Fantastic! 5 out of 5 Stars”
    Excellent to see the birds high up early in the morning from a decent height especially watching the Mccaws flying over. Most bird sightings are at distance but usually they also provide high powered lenses for viewing if you do not have your own.

    – Daveb412, Southampton, United Kingdom
    September, 2013

  • tripadvisor
    “Wonderful! Brilliant!”
    Even more remote and felt fully immersed in the jungle. Saw howler monkeys whilst sitting on my bed! Dawn chorus was amazing, and the staff were really friendly and happy to sit up chatting with us. I loved staying here.

    – Beardysaurus, Wrightington, UK
    February 2011

  • Trip Advisor Review atta rainforest lodge
    “An Amazing Experience!”
    Guided by Leon we went to watch, listen and feel the pulse of the jungle at it’s best! The sight from the top of the walkway is breathtaking and a night at the lodge is well… Unforgettable! The employees are simply fantastic and the Haulier Monkeys a memorable moment, especially at 3 am! Thanks to the whole team of Wilderness explorers for having organized the week of amazing experiences we had in the Guyana jungle!

    – Ariasalsa, Vienna, Austria
    May, 2013

  • Trip Advisor Review NAME OF LODGE
    As part of my stay at Atta Lodge, I had a very rewarding experience on the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. If you are lucky Leon will guide you, a very experienced birder with a real passion for wildlife. Our moment with the White Winged Potoo at twilight was special. One word of warning for vertigo sufferers. Although is well constructed and safe the actual walkways are constructed from very sturdy metallic mesh so you can see directly beneath you, over 30 metres to the forest floor!!

    – sbruce912, Ipswich, United Kingdom
    October, 2013

  • Trip Advisor Review NAME OF LODGE
    “High in the Treetops!”
    Walking eye to eye with the birds and wildlife of the Jungle is a very enjoyable experience and this is what makes Atta Canopy Walkway such a special adventure, well worth a day or three to visit and soak up the jungle scene.

    – jeffoclarko, Whitchurch, United Kingdom
    March, 2012

  • Trip Advisor Review NAME OF LODGE
    “Great Walk in the Forest”
    Nothing more than an experience but one that suggests how vital our Forests are. This is the only canopy experience in Guyana I believe so make it count. Put it on your itinerary.

    – Bentley1Seattle, Seattle, USA
    March, 2012

  • Trip Advisor Review NAME OF LODGE
    “Dream Come True”
    For many years I yearned to walk the canpoy walkway after seeing a picture of it somewhere. It was worth it. I took two walks, an evening and a morning walk. The food was surprising good, I just had to ask how they knew to not only cook delicious food but present it as well. I was told a popular Bristish TV cook/personality came on site to teach/train them. My made friends there too with the guides, they were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the forest, animals.

    – Michelle S, Florida, USA
    November, 2011

The Iwokrama Canopy Walkway

canopywalkway-leonmoore-001Atta Rainforest Lodge is perched at the foot of the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, Guyana’s only canopy walkway.

The walkway’s unique construction allows trees to grow normally by using adjustable cables and braces throughout the support structure. It is constructed of aluminium and is suspended by steel cables and built to Canadian outdoor specifications and standards by Greenheart Construction Company of Canada. It is the only tourist canopy walkway in the Guiana Shield.
The walkway is owned by Iwokrama International Centre and managed by Community and Tourism Services (CATS). This partnership brings together an NGO (Iwokrama), the indigenous Makushi community of Surama and two private sector companies: Rock View Lodge and Wilderness Explorers.

Iwokrama’s aim is for this facility to improve and expand the forest-based tourism product by providing a unique attraction that will enhance the marketability of the tourism product of the Iwokrama Forest and Guyana in general. The secondary aim is to provide research access to the forest. Visits to the Canopy Walkway are scheduled during your stay at Atta Rainforest Lodge. Normally there is a visit that leaves Atta Lodge before dawn so that you can welcome the dawn chorus from the canopy. Then again as the afternoon cools you can return to the walkway to experience night falling and the canopy after dark. Additional visits are available outside these scheduled trips. All visitors to the walkway are accompanied by our Canopy Walkway Specialists.


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