Caiman House Field Station

Caiman House Field Station

Science and eco-tourism merge at Caiman House Field Station, an outpost of research and hospitality located in the remote Amerindian village of Yupukari on the savannah lands along the banks of the Rupununi River. Visitors also have the opportunity to interact with the locals including the furniture craftsmen at Wabbini, a nonprofit venture to create sustainable jobs and revenue for the village.

A popular night time excursion allows guests to observe, or become involved with the caiman research project which involves the capturing and assisting in data collection. This requires the caiman being weighed, measured and tagged before being released back into the wild. The lodge also supports the conservation and research of the Yellow-spotted Amazon River Turtle.

Accommodation is in simple but large, comfortable rooms with ensuite bathrooms. There is a lovely sitting room inside and open deck perfect for enjoying afternoon drinks at sunset and breezy veranda slung with hammocks. Profits from the lodge support a public library, computers and internet for the village school and community.

Caiman House is set in the remote Amerindian village of Yupukari on the savannah lands along the banks of the Rupununi River. Just 20km from the Karanambu airstrip, it provides an excellent opportunity to explore the biodiversity of the Rupununi River and savannahs.

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5 star rating

Amazing and friendly This was a very special experience. You feel as though you are part of the community here from the moment you arrive. The accommodation is great and the food brilliant. To be part of the Caiman project is something that we will never forget. The passion of the staff was infectious, particularly Anthony who taught us more about Caiman that we ever thought we would know.

5 star rating

A good visit A good place to come to, in a small Amerindian village. Saw the giant anteaters here, and also the otters. Also South American agoutis in a large group when we went out on a lake in a dug out canoe. Nice rooms and nice staff.

5 star rating

Great stay shame about the water I have given this lodge 5 because the stay was great but unfortunately the pump from the bore had given up the week before our arrival and there was no running water. In fact we
managed well because the staff constantly filled tubs in the bathroom with water from the village pump. There is so much interesting research going on here including the caiman and the river turtles and it was extremely interesting to learn first hand from the researchers of their work.
The food was good and the staff extremely friendly. A trip into the village taught us so much not only about cassava preparation, cotton spinning and weaving but about the need to develop opportunities for the children without using contact with their culture.
Trips to the river and the lake were made more interesting because the distance was too far for me to walk and the village does not have any vehicles apart from motor cycles, so that was it we would ride pillion to very helpful villagers who volunteered to transport us.
It was all worth it because the trips on the river with excellent guides were fabulous. I am not sure our family will believe us!!!

4 star rating

Excellent Community Project A real treat to stay here. The staff, including the guides, were friendly and keen to share their community.

The accommodation was basic but fine. The food was very good and served brilliantly. The manager always ate with us and was keen to share information and answer our questions.

Participating in Black Caiman research

Victoria amazonica blooming

Giant anteater spotting

Giant river otter

Bird watching

Wildlife spotting

Nocturnal wildlife spotting

River excursions



Indigenous Amerindian culture

Expert indigenous guides

WiFi access

Communal tea and coffee facilities

Ensuite bathrooms


Wheelchair access

Solar electricity


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