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We open the door to the last, least-visited corners of South America and the Caribbean.

Browse our carefully selected destinations and expertly-crafted itineraries built on more than 20 years of hands-on experience. Wilderness Explorers engages lodges, villages, educators, local guides, conservation programs, and NGO’s to promote effective resource conservation and tangible community tourism benefits.

This undiscovered gem boasts vast unspoiled rainforests, remarkable bird life, healthy populations of jaguar, tapir, caiman, plus an english-speaking indigenous population.

Suriname is covered by large areas of tropical rain forest, steeped in colonial history, populated by a remarkably diverse people, and offers ample opportunities for rainforest adventure!

French Guiana
Probably the least known or understood country in South America, French Guiana is an overseas department of France featuring a melting pot of cultures, thick rain forest, and a modern space-port.

The Nature Isle of the Caribbean features an extensive trail system, active volcanoes, a fumirole lake, 365 rivers, stunning waterfalls and pristine waters for snorkeling & scuba.