The Hidden Guianas

Marvel at Kaieteur Falls, the highest single-drop waterfall in the world and discover one of the greatest untouched rainforests remaining on the planet.


The Hidden Guianas

Be amazed at the Space Center in French Guiana and relive the story of Papillion at Devil’s Island.


The Hidden Guianas

Spend time learning about the cultures of the region with visits to Indigenous and Maroon communities

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Wilderness Camp

Explore a Birder’s Paradise

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Wilderness Explorers promises to promote ecologically sensitive tourism through a responsible and concerned attitude towards the environment. We will provide the maximum benefit to the local communities by operating in an honest, thoughtful and concerned manner towards their customs and involving the communities so as to afford them the greatest financial benefit possible. At the same time we will offer professional tourism services of an international standard to our clientele.

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