Arrowpoint Nature Resort

Arrowpoint Nature Resort

Arrowpoint Nature Resort offers a glimpse into Guyana’s rich natural environment just a short distance outside of Georgetown. A one-hour boat ride along the Kamuni and Pokerero Rivers, through dense forest with overhanging vegetation and open wetlands, leads to the Amerindian community of Santa Mission. The resort sits within their ancestral lands and has an ample trail system for hiking and mountain biking, and offers bird watching along the peaceful stretch of a black water creek. The jungle waterways provide an exciting backdrop for kayaking, fishing and wildlife spotting. You can take a boat or alternatively take a mountain bike or hike through the forest to visit the nearby indigenous village to learn about their way of life.

Arrowpoint’s diverse ecosystem is rich in birds and one of the best places to view the Crimson topaz, a large hummingbird with iridescent crimson plumage and sparkling green throat. Bellbirds, numerous species of parrots and macaws feed in the scattered palms and a variety of small mammals and reptiles are seen around the resort.

Accommodation is in simple rustic cabins with ensuite bathrooms. The main communal thatched-roof lodge houses a comfortable lounge and open-air dining area overlooking the river and forest. A raised walkway leads to the bar and further on to a riverside lounge slung with hammocks, for a relaxing afternoon siesta. Dinner is often served on the beach, which is lit by flambés and an impressive bonfire and backlit by a light show orchestrated by the vast number of fireflies sparkling through the trees.

Arrowpoint Nature Resort is located in the Amerindian ancestral lands of Santa Mission. It is a 90-minute vehicle and boat ride south-west of Georgetown on the banks of the Kamuni Creek, a tributary of the Demerara River. Its surroundings offer a variety of habitats; open grassy marsh, scattered stands of Moriche palm and a secondary sandbelt forest. These habitats are rich in birds and wildlife including the brilliant Crimson topaz, toucans, parrots, monkeys and other small mammals.

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5 star rating

A real adventure Beautiful resort. If you are looking for activities for a true workout then this resort is the place to be. We were able to hike through the rain forest, mountain bike and kayak in alligator alley. The tour guides were exceptional in their knowledge. Their focus on safety was very impressive. Their boats were equipped with tracking devices and at all times you were equipped with life jackets.

5 star rating

Nature at it’s best. To all nature lovers this trip was just remarkable. Forget the price just enjoy nature at it’s best. Compliments to Arrowpoint’s staff “ excellent customer service “ from all levels of r staff. Will not comment further u need to visit then form r own opinions

5 star rating

Arrowpoint This was one of the best trips I have had in Guyana. The staff bent over backwards for us. The food was freshly prepared. The activities fun and a interesting. Captain Edwards and Mona Lisa were awesome. I will definitely return for an overnight stay

5 star rating

An Outback Adventure Worth Seeing!! Forget the price, food and drinks, this is an adventure worth experiencing. From the moment you enter the private coach that picks you up from your hotel and drops you off at the boat launch at the township of Thimeri, the adventure begins. You board a speed boat that crosses the Demerara River and takes you along the pristine waters of the Cuymuni Creek. A breathtaking journey of nature at its best!! There are two stops that allow you to see how the indigenous people live. Beautiful people unspoiled by commercialization. We then continue our journey to Arrowpoint which is located on the left bank of the Cuyumi Creek. We were treated to food, drinks, lunch and activities like trail hiking through the rain forest, biking, kayaking and swimming in the cool,golden brown waters of the Cuyumi Creek. This is an experience not to miss. It is safe with several guides always present, and wearing of life jackets. I highly recommend this tour.

Creek swimming


Bird watching

Boat trips

Wildlife spotting

Mountain biking

Trail walks

Indigenous community

Nocturnal jungle hike

Beach bonfire

Communal tea and coffee facilities

Ensuite bathrooms


Solar electricity


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