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Explore Guyana is the official tourism magazine for Guyana, published by the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG). It's a great collection of feature articles, photography, maps, and directories that you'll find particularly useful once you hit the ground here in Guyana. Give it a look!

It is with great sadness I pay tribute to the passing of Diane McTurk. Diane was an inspiration to not just me but to the entire tourism industry in Guyana and the thousands of visitors that were privileged to stay with her at Karanambu.

We just can't get enough of Andrew's stunning wildlife photography. Here he catches an Amazonian Royal Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronatus) near Surama in Guyana's Rupununi region. Guyana is regarded as one of the world's best birdwatching venues with more than 800 species identified and numerous IBA's. Thousands of acres of unspoiled primary rainforest,  butted up against the Rupununi Savannahs, make for a stunning ecosystem that will keep bird watchers and photographers on their toes.

The mouth and esophagus of the leatherback turtle are a perfect example of how an animal can become adapted to its diet and habitat. When the turtle consumes jellyfish (and it must eat many, as jellyfish have low nutritional value), the esophagus stores both the jellyfish and the seawater that have been swallowed. However, to prevent the stomach filling with water, the seawater must be expelled. So how does this happen?

A previously unknown genus of electric fish has been identified in a remote region of South America by team of international researchers including University of Toronto Scarborough professor Nathan Lovejoy.

Sometimes, in the everyday course of life, an interaction comes along, out of the blue, that is unusual and startling and revealing all at the same time. This past week, for example, my wife Annette and I had been asked by the folks at Wilderness Explorers (Teri and Gavin O’Brien) to do an informal cultural presentation for the passengers on the National Geographic Explorer vessel visiting Guyana. The outing turned out to be a highlight of our week.

Visitors traversing the eastern coast of South America on the National Geographic Explorer cruise ship spent a few days in Guyana this Autumn. The journey was awarded National Geographic's 2013 Tours of Lifetime distinction. Wilderness Explorers is proud to be recognized for the 2nd time with operating a Guyana tour carrying this prestigious label. Our Amerindian Guyana itinerary was singled out in 2011 as one of National Geo's Tours of a Lifetime.

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