Georgetown Rated #1 Underrated South American City

Georgetown Rated #1 Underrated South American City

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Travel blog Escape Here trumpets some of the unsung heroes of South America and places scenic Georgetown at the top of its list of under-rated cities on a continent sprinkled with world-class destinations. Writer James Stafford says,

Georgetown is the capital and largest city of Guyana and offers a lot of beautiful sites. There is an array of markets as well as wooden colonial buildings. The Promenade Gardens and Independence Square are must-sees and there is also a zoo. Botanical Gardens is also a free site that has an array of flowers, including Victoria Lilies, the national flower. There is also a rum distillery as well as a party mansion that belongs to Pauly Shore

The brief mention overlooks some of our home town’s other obvious treasures like the new mangrove wetlands, St. George’s Cathedral, Stabroek Market, and easy transport to all the coastal and interior destinations we spend most of our time talking about. Nonetheless, we’re delighted a few more people in the world are going to learn something new about Guyana when the come across this article!

Learn more about Guyana and Georgetown here!

Interested in colonial and Dutch architecture? Don’t forget to explore the wonders of neighboring Suriname where UNESCO World Heritage site Paramaribo features some extraordinary buildings not to mention a highly unique cultural mélange.

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