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Kaieteur Overland

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Kaieteur Overland

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana - Potaro Valley
8 Days | From $1805 USD
Moderately Rigorous Touring


This tour can be operated on a schedule to suit your needs – ask us for a quote.

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Displayed prices are subject to change without notice. Please use our live web chat, contact form, or email to enquire about rates and availability for your preferred date of travel. $1805 USD per person based on a group of 10 persons travelling together. Rates vary depending on group size. $305 USD single supplement. Single supplement is for a single room (where available) when travelling as part of a group with a minimum of 2 guests, not for a single guest travelling alone. Single-traveller rates can be provided on request. You are expected to carry your own backpack. Porters can be arranged to carry your pack at an additional cost of US$ 65 per porter per day.

Passengers traveling on internal flights in Guyana are allowed a baggage allowance of 20 lbs (9.1kg). Exceeding this allowance will incur an excess weight fee of GY$150 (US$ 0.77) per lb. This cost is subject to change by the airline. Please note that additional baggage allowance is subject to availability and cannot be confirmed until the time of check-in. We can book excess weight on your behalf in advance but it is subject to being within the payload limit of the aircraft, at the discretion of the airline. An option to guarantee additional weight allocation is to pre-book an extra seat on the flight which will afford you 175lbs/79.4KG to use individually or for your group. All passengers must provide their body weight prior to travel. Contact us for more information.


  • Broad rimmed or peaked sun hat
  • Large handkerchief or bandana to protect back of neck from sun
  • Light weight, quick dry, light coloured long pants and long sleeved shirt
  • Light weight socks that dry quickly
  • Shorts
  • Bathing suit
  • T-shirt, ideally light colour and cotton
  • Slippers or sandals, for easy on and off around camp when boots are being dried
  • Appropriate boots for hiking
  • Poncho/raincoat
  • Sunscreen and chap stick
  • Insect repellent
  • Medications for specific medical condition (i.e. allergies, heart etc).
  • Calamine Lotion
  • Sunglasses ideally with carrying straps
  • Back packZiploc bags – to protect things against rain etc.
  • Personal Toiletries (i.e Bath Towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
  • Small flashlight with extra batteries
  • Camera, extra batteries and memory card
  • Copy of Biographic page of their passport

Download the ItineraryEnquire About This Trip

This rugged overland trip offers the excitement of trekking and camping in the forest and amazing views of Kaieteur Gorge

The expedition involves trekking through the jungle, swimming across creeks and walking across jungle bridges before the final arduous climb up the ‘O-my-God’ mountain

This is an especially adventurous tour – call or email us for more information! We recommend this trek for fit travellers interested in nature, culture, and adventure. At the conclusion of your trek, expect to be well rewarded with views of the Kaieteur Falls seen by only a handful of intrepid visitors, as well as a healthy sense of mental and physical achievement. We offer this trip to individuals, couples, and small groups all year long.

Recommended Extensions
Cap off your adventure in Guyana’s wild interior with a special cultural event in Georgetown, or interrupt your flight home for a long weekend on a Caribbean beach! Ask us about special upgraded rooms at Cara Lodge or a special evening with Roy Geddes.

Arrive In Guyana

Arrive at Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Formalities at this small, friendly airport rarely take very long, baggage facilities are efficient, and there aren’t any touts to worry about. Our guests are met in the arrival hall and transferred to Cara Lodge in Georgetown, approximately one hour from the airport. Built in the 1840s and originally consisting of two houses, Cara Lodge is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Georgetown. It has a long and romantic history and was the home of the first Lord Mayor of Georgetown. Over the years it has hosted many dignitaries including George V who stayed at the house in 1923 and planted the sapodilla tree in the front garden to mark the occasion.

Georgetown City Tour

Georgetown the chief port, capital and largest city of Guyana is situated on the right Bank of the Demerara River Estuary. It was chosen as a site for a fort to guard the early Dutch settlements of the Demerara River. The city of Georgetown was designed largely by the Dutch and is laid out in a rectangular pattern with wide tree lined avenues and irrigation canals that criss cross the city.

Most of the buildings in the city are wooden with unique architecture dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. For the most part the buildings have Demerara shutters and designed fretwork which trim eaves and windows. Main Street, Georgetown provides several excellent examples of old colonial homes, a prime example of which is the State House, built in 1852. The State House is set in large gardens and is painted green and white and has hosted many visiting dignitaries.

During your visit to Georgetown there are a number of interesting sights that should not be missed: the most famous being St. George’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is one of the world’s tallest free standing wooden buildings and was consecrated on 1892. The foundation stone was laid on November 23, 1890 and the building was designed by Sir Arthur Bloomfield. The story of the cathedral is told on the interior on tablets and memorials of a historical and sentimental nature: it is the tale of the history of Guyana in general and of the Diocese in particular.

At the beginning of the Avenue of the Republic stands the Public Library housed in the Carnegie Building. Other historic buildings along this promenade are the Town Hall, a splendid example of Gothic architecture, and further along are the Victoria Law Courts and St. Andrews Kirk. St. Andrew’s is the oldest surviving structure of any church in Guyana.

The famous Stabroek Market, once described as a “bizarre bazaar”, contains every conceivable item from house hold goods and gold jewellery to fresh meat and vegetables brought to town on the river daily. The clock tower can be seen for miles around and is a famous landmark.

No trip to Georgetown would be complete without a visit to the Botanical Gardens and zoo. The Botanical Gardens houses one of the most extensive collections of tropical flora in the Caribbean and are laid out with ponds, canals, kissing bridges and bandstand. Over 100 species of Guyanese wildlife can be observed at the Zoo including a wide variety of tropical fishes and birds.

The National Museum which contains a broad selection of our animal life and heritage should not be missed, nor the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, which explains Amerindian history and life style.

The tour will include walking along the Avenues with an experienced guide who will give you the history, rumour and facts on Georgetown and its citizens. The group will be accompanied at all times by a vehicle, which will be used for travel between areas of interest. Along the way visitors will sample local exotic fruits, snacks and refreshments. During the tour there is always the opportunity to purchase that unusual gift or unique Guyanese handicrafts, or for the daring the chance to delve into the gold and diamond market

Overland To 58, Boats At Madhia
Camp Amatuk

This morning depart Georgetown by bus or 4×4 vehicle at 0600hrs traveling for 8 hours, passing through the bauxite town of Linden, then through miles and miles of lush rainforest and rolling hills, stopping briefly at ‘58’ where you enjoy a lovely vegetarian lunch or fried local fish or chicken. Rejuvenated, you continue your journey to the bustling gold-mining town of Mahdia, then to Pamela Landing where you travel by boat for 2 ½ hours to Amatuk. Here, on this beautiful island of white sand with the 170 ft drop Amatuk falls just a few yards away, you camp for the night. A refreshing bath in the river and enjoy a sumptuous meal this is all you need before climbing into your hammock. The fresh, clean air will soon render you fast asleep.

Hike And River Journey Towards Kaieteur
Camp Waratuk

The next day you leave by foot, trekking through the jungle, swimming across creeks and walking across jungle bridges (tree trunks), a short boat-ride through the rapids and you arrive at Waratuk where you camp for the night in hammock.

Hike and Boat to Tukiet
Hammock camp at Tukiet

The next morning, after a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, you set off either on foot for 4hrs hike or 1hr boat ride to Tukiet with the enigmatic Ibini mountain range in a distance as your constant companion. We will have lunch at Tukiet, the bottom of Kaieteur Falls. This is a fabulous campsite with refreshing swimming in the Potaro River and a spectacular view of the gorge.

Ascend Kaieteur

From Tukeit you will ascend the mountain to the top of Kaieteur fall – 3hrs hike. The ascent winds it way up the mountain through changing vegetation as the altitude rises. You will pass cool mountain streams where it is impossible to cross without a dip. The final stage of the climb is known as ‘Oh my God’ mountain. Did you say that you liked challenges? This climb will challenge you both physically and mentally. With your backpack strapped securely unto your back and your water bottle within easy reach you begin your ascend quite smartly. But on reaching the top all is forgotten as you catch your first glimpse of the mighty Kaieteur Falls. The feeling of achievement is indescribable as you proudly view the grandeur of the mighty Kaieteur Falls, the highest single-drop waterfalls in the world. At dusk Thousands of swifts gather the sky like dark clouds then plunge into the water of the fall, to their nesting site on the rock face behind the water fall.

Fly Back To Georgetown

The early morning mist of Kaieteur gives way to a fantastic view of the falls. From Johnson View that affords frontal vista of the fall. We will try to have a looked at the Cock-Of-The Rock and the golden frog, the frog spends it entire life from tadpole to maturity in the Bromeliad. We will also listen to tales of ‘Old Kiae’- who is said to have saved his people from the warlike Caribs by sacrificing himself sailing over Kaieteur Falls. Depart by scheduled flight to Mahdia (3hrs ground time) and onwards to Georgetown. You may get a final, spectacular aerial view of Kaieteur Falls and the gorge and the awe-inspiring expanse of rainforest and rivers that will hold the secrets of your adventure forever.

Depart Guyana

Depart Guyana – or optional extensions and other tours.

Why Travel with Wilderness Explorers?

WELogo-for-Web-225x136For more than 20 years, we’ve been working at the crossroads of adventure travel and community tourism. Not from the sidelines or behind a desk, but on the ground. In the jungle. On the boats. Getting our feet dirty and seeing everything first-hand. Tourism isn’t our business – it’s our life. Our handcrafted itineraries prove it.

Our partners in the field aren’t just suppliers in the traditional sense: we are deeply involved with the development of the lodges, tours, training programs, and attractions that draw adventurous souls to this part of the world. Back in 1999 Wilderness Explorers was one of the first tour operators to embrace the now-fashionable idea of community tourism, partnering with the Amerindian Makushi village of Surama in Guyana to provide marketing and administrative support for that country’s first indigenously-operated ecolodge. These days we continue to work with lodges and regional consortiums with tourism development aspirations. Hand-in-hand we are building opportunities for economic growth that don’t rely on resource extraction or the mass-market.

We know that tour companies are increasingly looked upon as unnecessary middlemen in a world where the internet connects everyone with marvelous ease. And, no doubt, someone with ample time and patience could organize their journey independently. But we know that sometimes you want to spend less time researching and more time travelling. If that’s you, we can vastly simplify your trip planning, get you into the best (and often least-known) lodges, prioritize your activity list, and set you up for an unforgettable getaway. Having the time of your life once you get there? Well, that part is entirely up to you!

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