Guyana Highlands Trekking Adventure

23 miles of hiking, 8 miles of rafting, 3 waterfalls, ascending to 4500 feet.

6 Days / 5 Nights

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US$ 3245/person

for groups of 6

About this trip

Deep in the highlands is the indigenous community of Paruima, the only Arecuna settlement in Guyana which offers a challenging but thrilling adventure trek up to about 4000 feet through rainforest into a highland savannah along the way visiting three spectacular waterfalls; Uchi Falls, Kamarang Falls and Panacema Falls.  You will sleep in hammock camps, swim in rivers rarely visited and float downriver through some of the most pristine rainforest in Guyana.

Paruima only has a population of about 500 with nearly half still speaking their native language, living in a mix of modern and traditional thatched roofed homes.  It is largely a farming and hunter-gatherer community with skilled bush knowledgeable villagers. The Arecuna are known for their unique basket weaving skills, wood skin canoes and hunting techniques including the use of blowpipes and their unusual diet of Tuma, Kachiri (a fermented drink) and savannah termites. You will spend time learning about the way of life in the community and listening to stories from the local hunters and guides as you embark on this physical and cultural adventure.

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Day 1 - Fly from Georgetown to Paruima Village. Overnight in Paruima Village

Sunday - Paruima is an Arecuna community with a population of about 500 persons of which about 45% still speak their native language. The community is made up of a combination of modern and traditional thatched roofed homes and has a strong Christian faith which is a result of English protestant missionaries converting the Arecuna at the end of the nineteenth century.

Day 2 - Trek from Paruima Village, ascending to a plateau campsite. A trek of 2.6 miles / 4.2 km and ascending 1,503 feet / 0.5 km.

Monday - After an early breakfast, you will set out on the first leg of your journey, a 7.5-miles (12,070 meters) hike ascending to about 2000 feet to the top of a plateau continuing to your first campsite. This hike begins with a steep climb to the top of the plateau followed by moderately flat terrain through primary rainforest for the rest of the day's journey.

Day 3 - Highland savannah trek along the plateau and through cloud forest to Kamarang Falls. A trek of 9.5 miles / 15.1 km and ascending 346 feet / 0.1 km.

Tuesday - After breakfast, you will deconstruct your hammock camp and begin the second leg of your journey. Today you will embark on a 4.7-mile (7,564 meters) hike through the rainforest before emerging into vast open highland savannahs surrounded by Tepuis in the distance.

Day 4 - Trek across the highland savannahs to Uchi Falls plateau (4.4 miles / 7,081 meters)

Wednesday - After breakfast, you will pack up camp and begin your 4.4-mile / 7,081 meters journey across the highland savannah to Uchi Falls. There are some hilly forested areas and streams to wade through but this leg of the journey is flatter than the days before. The many plateaus and tepuis in this region of Guyana allow for many spectacular waterfalls in close vicinity of each other. These form the main attraction to a backdrop of open highland savannahs dotted with patches of bush islands and tepuis rising in the distance.

Day 5 - Descend into the Uchi Gorge for exceptional views of the base of the waterfall, then float downriver back to Paruima, portaging along the way.

Thursday - After a good night's rest, you will begin your 4-mile journey to the bottom of the gorge of Uchi Falls to an area that has only been visited by a handful of individuals. Your journey begins with a hike on the highland savannah where it ends at a cliff overlooking the vast dense rainforest. From here you will descend a steep path for about one hour to the junction where the Kamarang and Uchi rivers converge. From here you will follow a bush trail with your guide upstream to Uchi Falls. This area is damp and wet from the constant mist produced by the waterfalls.

Day 6 - Return flight to Georgetown

Friday - This morning, join a schedule flight from Paruima over tropical rainforest to Eugene F. Correia International Airport.

Trip Information

Length of trip 6 days / 5 nights
Tour suitable for Persons of high fitness level who enjoy wildlife, nature, culture hiking and adventure.
Minimum # of persons 2
Maximum # of persons 6
Minimum age recommended 12 Years
Language of guides English
Transportation Transportation on this journey includes light aircraft, dugout canoes and rafts.
Accommodation Guests are accommodated in a mix of indigenous community guest houses and hammock camps.
Meals included 5 breakfasts, 6 lunches, and 5 dinners



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      Our number one priority is your safety and welfare. We always get the question is Guyana safe? Like any big city, Georgetown has areas that are to be avoided by visitors. But we only use hotels that have good standards and are safe. Most of the time in Georgetown you will be accompanied by our experienced guides and drivers who live in the city. During your free time if you want to visit a bar or restaurant in the evening we recommend a taxi, which is inexpensive. Your hotel will be happy to call one for you.

      Once out of Georgetown and into what we call the interior, it is a different scenario. You will be in areas with small villages where everyone greets you with a smile and you will be perfectly safe. Some lodges don’t even have locks on the doors as there is no need. There will always be an experienced guide close by to accompany you on your excursions and bring the rainforest and savannah to life and share their knowledge and experience.

      Generally, you will find the Guyanese people extremely friendly and only too willing to help you enjoy their country.

      Malaria - Many of the areas you visit in Guyana’s interior will have no malaria. However, it is recommended to take malaria Prophylactics as a precaution on some trips. Please consult your physician before your departure. All beds in the interior have mosquito nets, and on camping trips, hammocks with specially fitted mosquito nets are provided. It is advisable to use insect repellent and wear long sleeves and long trousers at night. The mosquitoes are often more prevalent at dusk and dawn.

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      In the interior wear casual, comfortable clothing. A shirt with a collar helps protect you from the sun, and a hat and sunglasses are vital. During the day shorts and shirt are fine. In the evening you would want long trousers and a shirt with long sleeves. There is no need to dress up in the interior. You can leave any travel or city clothes in your city hotel or with our office when you are travelling around the interior.

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