Wildlife shock in Guyana’s Rainforest

Wildlife shock in Guyana’s Rainforest

Tom Shearman from Andean Trails recounts an eventful tour through Guyana’s Rupununi earlier this year and says that Guyana was the most interactive and wildlife rich of his last four Amazonian adventures:

We saw Harpy Eagles (and chick!), sloths, tapirs and stood next to the dirt track ‘bush’ while a hidden jaguar growled at us from within.

We talked to Amerindians and enjoyed their welcoming dances, and drank rum as we glided down rivers in dug out canoes.

I felt awe as Giant Water Lilies opened in balletic style at dusk, the setting sun the light show, the chirruping frogs the chorus.

The forest’s inhabitants may grow curious as to why these humans come, or may grow extinct unless said humans protect the rainforest better.

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