Rewa Eco-lodge

Rewa Eco-lodge

One of the country's most remote destinations is Rewa Eco-lodge, a community-tourism project of the small Makushi village of Rewa situated at the confluence of the Rupununi and Rewa Rivers. Years of dedicated hard work allowed the villagers to build their own ecolodge which offers simple but clean, comfortable accommodation with individual cabins nestled at the forest edge, just paces from the river. An impressive benab houses the dining area and bar with breakfast being served on a deck overlooking the river. Their expert guides offer a warm friendly service as they showcase their pristine and biodiverse corner of Guyana.

It is one of the best places for observing the Arapaima, the worlds largest scaled freshwater fish, which are abundant in the many oxbow lakes and river around the lodge. These waterways also offer exceptional sport fishing which is one of the main attractions for some visitors. Rewa Eco-lodge offers a range of exciting experiences such as hiking up Awarmie Mountain where you will have an uninterrupted view across the rainforest. Enjoy comfortable boat trips in search of neotropical wildlife and the unique opportunity to hike through the rainforest to encounter the goliath bird-eating spider. You can also visit the village where you will learn about the local way of life or enjoy a bar-be-que on a sandbank in one of Guyana’s most remote, biologically diverse environments.

Rewa Eco-lodge is located where the Rewa River flows into the Rupununi River, deep in the rainforest of Guyana. This isolated location has no road access and can only be reached by river creating one of the country’s most remote lodges, offering guests the experience of exploring some of the countries most pristine ecology.

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4 star rating

Lovely staff, great restaurant, shame about the room This is an old building, designed before electronic air conditioning. The original design had demarara shutters which channelled cool air in and allowed hot air to escape. This meant the room was dark but ventilated. In putting in air conditioning, and naming glass on the inside of the shutters the result is dark and noisy with no outside air. If you want the ceiling fan on, you also need the midnight on, so its useless at night. This did not make sleeping easy. This is what happens when you try to install modern facilities in an old building.

The hotel website shows a mango tree in a court yard and a cocktail bar. The mango tree has gone, and the cocktail bar only opened intermittently. Not everyone knew how to mix cocktails when it did open although when they were good they were very good.

The restaurant was friendly and accommodating with good food.

The reception staff were very helpful when our travel arrangements went adrift and the agents did not bother to let us know.

An oasis in a hot city. Georgetown is well worth visiting. More

5 star rating

A peaceful tranquillity, The perfect escape from the busy hectic world to unwind and watch the stars or take a cooL plunge into a freshwater man made lake , enjoy the local home cooked home grown and reared lunch and dinner , Plus Brazilian border is five minutes away and the busy city of Boavista a nice steady 2 hours drive

5 star rating

Tranquil and serene, comfortable and absolutely beautiful place in the rainforest Went on a day trip arranged by family. This is a quiet place, far from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown. Staff are courteous and provide excellent services.
Recommend this place for anyone who enjoys nature.

Glory, NY

5 star rating

a gem of a resort Baganara is hidden gem. Excellent service and excellent local dishes and a very good service. The resort is situated on its own island, with plenty of open spaces to wander and explore. The beach is sandy and nice for strolling too. I wouldn't dare to try swimming in the muddy river, but they are now building a pool. The property has various activities listed and the guides do a great job.
Getting to Baganara is an adventure in itself, and i would suggest using the river route.

Nocturnal boat trips for wildlife spotting

Rainforest trail walks

Bird watching

River trips


Harpy Eagle nests

Wilderness camp

Indigenous Amerindian culture

Mountain hikes

Wildlife spotting

Nocturnal forest walks

Rainforest trails

Expert indigenous guides

WiFi access

Arapaima Bar

Communal tea and coffee facilities

Ensuite bathrooms with open-to-the-sky showers


24-hour solar-powered electricity

River-side breakfast deck

Fishing equipment available

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